Paso de Cortés In this page you will find interesting links to the web sites of Painters from around the world, if you would like to add your link, please send an e-mail.

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Tiziana Ciaghi
Tiziana Ciaghi


Janice Elizzabeth

Bert Nienhuis Art Factory
Bert Nienhuis


Alex Perez

Jill Teck
Jill Teck


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Dr. Donald Flather

Victor Grachev


Sherry Masters

Monica Coleman


Joni Solis

Leon A Barlow


Leon Engelen

Christine Sanner


Bryan Knox

Zichi Lorentz


Mike Knight

Francis Camirelli


Anita Olson

Ian Grieve


Judy Hall Grieve

Angela Minkova


Peter Michev

Joan Pain, award winning artwork
Joan Pain, award winning artwork


Corinne Critchfield, hand painted dragons
Corinne Critchfield

Vasiliy Myasin, russian painter
Vasiliy Myasin


Pavil Kalugin, Siberian landscapes
Pavil Kalugin

Murray Postell, portraits, pets
Murray Postell


Art and windsurfing, windsurfing art and prints
Art and Windsurfing

Trix Bosch, modern art painter
Trix Bosch


Pastel portraits, Sue Fletcher
Pastel Portraits, Sue Fletcher

Annabel Greenhalg, Pastel paintings
Annabel Greenhalgh
Pastel paintings


Carol Newbury Howe, wildlife paintings
Carol Newbury Howe
Wildlife Paintings

All Art Schools
All Art Schools
art school directory


Emil Matulewicz
Emil Matulewicz

Vladimir Piskarev
Vladimir Piskarev


Edwin Voute
Edwin Voute

Ben Zvi, unusual art
Ben Zvi, Unusual Art


Landscape Artist - Paintings of Wales, Landscape Paintings for Sale
Landscape Artist - Paintings of Wales,
Landscape Paintings for Sale

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